Work Visa and Visa under the Skilled Immigration Act

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03.05.2022 - Article

Here you will find more information on the immigration of skilled workers and on taking up work in Germany.

Foreign nationals have the opportunity to work in Germany. Therefore you need to apply in advance for a long-term visa.
A distinction must be made between a visa to take up work, for which an employment contract must already have been concluded, and a visa to look for work, which does not require this. Details on the respective requirements can be found in the information sheets at the bottom of this page.


In order to apply for a this visa type, you must first book an appointment at the Kampala Embassy. Please follow the link to the appointment booking system. After booking the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. A printout of this must be carried with you to the appointment.

As soon as the appointment has been booked, you have to fill out and print out the application form and the instructions in accordance with Section 54 of the Residence Act. The printouts and all other required documents (please refer to checklist below) must be brought to your appointment.
The application form can be filled out electronically here or downloaded under Downloads and filled in by hand.

Important instructions:
Please make sure that you enter your data completely and correctly both when booking an appointment and when filling in the application form. Otherwise, even minor errors can lead to the rejection of the application or considerable delays.

Please do not send any documents to the visa office without being asked – especially not before you apply. These documents cannot be kept and/or assigned here. Please always bring complete documents with you to the appointment.

Processing Time

Processing time might take up to three months, in exceptional cases even longer and always depends on the individual case. Since the issuance of visa always has to be approved by the competent alien’s authority, the processing time not only depends on the embassy. Therefore, we recommend to you not to purchase any flight tickets or enter into other commitments before the visa is issued. We hereby inform you that the embassy is not liable for any costs incurred in this regard.

We will contact you as soon as a decision regarding your application has been taken. Therefore, kindly ensure that you provide us with correct contact details. Please understand that enquiries regarding the processing status won’t be answered. Generally only enquiries from the applicant, his or her legal or authorized representative will be answered.

Visa Fees

The visa fee for national visas is 75,00 Euro (for minors 37,50 Euro) payable in Uganda Shilling and in cash only. The visa fees are determined according to §46 AufenthV and set in Euro, but are to be paid cash in Uganda Shilling only. Please note that neither Euro in cash nor credit card payments are accepted. The Uganda Shilling value of the visa fee is determined by the current exchange rate of the German Embassy Kampala.

Immigration of skilled workers and employment in Germany

Here you will find more information on the immigration of skilled workers, the Immigration Skilled Workers Act and taking up work in Germany:

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Application Form, Checklists & Other Information for Download

You are planning to travel to Germany in order to seek for a job. Here is more information on the requirements and application procedure.

This is a visa for applicants who wish to work in Germany. Here is more information on the requirements and application procedure.

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