Having technical problems using the online appointment system?

19.02.2024 - Article

Having technical problems while using the online appointment system?

If the error message says “This entry needs to be unique”, please contact the visa section as your data from a previous booking is still in the system and needs to be deleted. For any other error message, please try the following:

(1) Problems with the link used

1. Please access the service only through the Embassy’s or Consulate’s homepage in order to prevent problems with access. Most importantly,- do not use bookmarks from earlier visits to the site.

2. Please do not use the browser’s automatic address-memory function, that is, the function where a previous URL appears when you type the first letters.

3. Please do not use any links in internet services not provided by the Federal Foreign Office.

4. Please open the online appointment system in one browser window or tab only.

5. Please do not use the browser’s back button.

(2) Browser
The online appointment system is compatible with all standard browsers, but works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you think there are problems with the browser you are using, please try again with Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser or use another computer, e.g. one belonging to relatives, friends, a hotel or an internet café. However, other factors can also cause problems. Please see points 3 and 4 below.

(3) Other factors
Virus scanners, firewalls, other security products, company guidelines and the internet connection all determine how fast you can access the service and whether you can access it at all. If you experience problems, please try to access the service using another internet connection.

(4) Smartphone/mobile devices/small-screen rendering
The pages can be displayed on browsers on mobile devices. Depending on the device’s resolution, however, you may find that you need to scroll in landscape (horizontal) mode or zoom in. You may also find the display too small to read. This makes the booking slower and less comfortable, but it is still possible.

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