Old coins for sale? Please don’t ask us!

Münzauktion in Osnabrück

Coins were lying on a table in Osnabrück on March 11, 2013. Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa |, © dpa

02.12.2021 - Article

The German Embassy regularly receives phone calls or e-mails from members of the public who are offering to sell old coins or stove ovens. This has been a great mystery to all of us for a long time now.

Why should a German Embassy want to buy old stoves, and what exactly are we supposed to do with old coins? But since this (mis-)information seems to be shared and disseminated over and over again, let us go on the record here: Sorry, but we don’t buy any antiques. Anyone trying to tell you differently is either misinformed or a fraudster.

Germany has 227 Diplomatic Missions abroad. To find out more about their tasks, please visit this link. Spoiler: None of them is buying old coins.

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