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01.03.2019 - Article

Research Networks for Health Innovations in Sub-Sahara Africa

Health Research
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Demographic change, technological progress and changing lifestyles are posing new challenges to societies. Highperformance research is needed to investigate global issues which impact on the health of populations, to develop effective solutions and to manage evolving change successfully. The German framework programme for health research outlines the German strategy for medical and health research. It provides a basis for the Federal Government of Germany to support research in this area.

International cooperation in health research is a key focus of the German framework programme for health research. The programme highlights: Collaboration across borders is crucial in developing solutions to pressing health problems. It also outlines how synergies can be created. Linking up current infrastructures at a European or global level and coordinating the joint establishment of new infrastructures are just two examples of how improvements in health research can be achieved.

German Federal Ministry of Education and Health

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