Project: Sports for Development & Peace

22.11.2017 - Article

Sport – a tool that is simple to use, that is inexpensive, and that is powerful!

On the background to carry out different sport activities in communities for the underprivileged young generation to give them the chance to benefit from sports for development, a group of youth leaders from Uganda came together in 2017 under the Youth United in Sports for Development (YUSD) for the project called “Sports for Development and Peace”, that is funded by the German Embassy Kampala.

Using sports as a tool for development and peace, the group, that targets children with and without disabilities from unprivileged backgrounds, wants to fight against drug abuse, pick pocketing, commercial sex, child labor, gambling and early sexual intercourse.

Over a period of 2 years the project undergoes different phases such as training camps for youth leaders; sport outreaches; self-defense skills training for girls; vocational skills training and much more, with the objectives to help promoting and advocating for sports among children and youth, as well as promoting sporting and training opportunities for girls. In addition, it shall create an environment in which young people can learn the values and benefits of sport, raise health awareness about HIV/Aids and engage in rights activities.

Through sports and games children acquire skills of leadership, teamwork and and communication. Furthermore, sports promote discipline and play a significant role to create unity, harmony and peaceful coexistence. Thereby social skills in life will be advanced.

Between December 2017 and May 2018 the group organizes a number of sports outreaches in the slums of Kampala (e.g. Katwe, Kinawataka, Kosovo, Busabala, Kikoni, Kimombasa, etc.).

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