Speech by Ambassador Matthias Schauer on the occasion of the Day of German Unity 2021

02.10.2020 - Speech

Mwebale okubeerako nange olwa’leero

Thank you for joining me today - because October 3rd is a happy day for Germany and for me personally!

On this day in 1990, 41 years of painful separation between East and West Germany were over.

What belonged together was finally reunited!

Germany and Uganda established close relations right after Uganda’s independence.

Today Germany is particularly active in the fields of agriculture, energy and civil society helping Ugandans to make the most of the opportunities that this wonderful country holds in store.

Meinen Landsleuten wünsche ich auch im Namen aller Botschaftsangehörigen einen frohen 31. Jahrestag der Deutschen Einheit und ein gutes Gelingen Ihrer Vorhaben in unserem schönen Gastland.

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