The Promotion of Foreign Trade

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14.03.2018 - Article

External economic promotion is one of the Foreign Service's main tasks. Along with its over 220 missions abroad, the Federal Foreign Office uses a broad range of measures worldwide to support German firms engaged in foreign markets.

The missions' economic sections are above all keen to help small and medium-sized companies doing business abroad: The staff of the German embassies and consulates-general as well as that of headquarters in Berlin see themselves as political mentors and facilitators, networkers, and advisors.

Alongside traditional external economic promotion as a way of supporting German economic interests abroad, marketing for Germany as a location for business has emerged in recent years. In our globalized economy, investment from abroad helps us develop new technologies and create or secure jobs in Germany.

Germany's system of external economic promotion is supported by government and business alike. The foreign missions (embassies and consulates), the German Chambers of Commerce abroad, Delegate Offices and Representations of German Industry and Commerce as well as the German Office for Foreign Trade form the three pillars of external economic promotion. All three establishments are present in the world's key export markets. In foreign countries, companies can always rely on the support of the German foreign missions as a partner.

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