High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany

High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany

High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany, © New Statesman

16.03.2018 - Article

We want to be able to turn knowledge and ideas into new innovations as rapidly as possible. The German Government is therefore actively pursuing an ambitious strategy for innovation, its High-Tech Strategy 2020.

The German Government adopted its High-Tech Strategy 2020 (HTS 2020) on 14 July 2010. Taking the High-Tech Strategy of 2006 as its foundation, HTS 2020 both develops that further and sets new priorities.

The goal is to create lead markets, further collaboration between science and industry and continue improving the framework conditions for innovation.

We intend Germany tolead the way when it comes to applying solutions grounded in science and technology to problems in climate/energy, health/nutrition, mobility, security and communication. These are the fields of action at the centre of HTS 2020.

Our forward-looking projects will serve to turn the spotlight of tomorrow’s research and innovation policy onto particular missions. The projects include “CO2-neutral, energy-efficient and climate-adapted cities”, “Staying self-determined in old age” and “One million electric vehicles on German roads by 2020”.

National and EU policies on research and innovation will be more closely coordinated.

We will continue to improve the framework conditions for innovation in Germany. This applies particularly to the conditions of setting up a company, the special position of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the provision of risk capital as well as sufficient funding for innovation.

Research and innovation depend on an intense dialogue with society. We will therefore establish new platforms for the people of Germany to discuss innovative technology and research results related to solving the major global and social challenges more intensively and put forward their own ideas.

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