Support for the African Peace and Security Architecture

27.03.2018 - Article

Improving the security situation in Africa is one of the German Government's key goals. In line with the priorities laid down by the G8, the Federal Foreign Office has developed its own G8 Africa Programme focusing on three areas: peace missions, police work and addressing the causes of conflict.

Despite the rapid changes taking place in Africa, armed conflicts, political and ethnic tensions, border disputes and fragile statehood in parts of the continent remain obstacles to social, economic and political progress.

This recognition has shaped the philosophy of the African Union (AU), founded in 2002. The organization has evolved as an African peace and security architecture aimed at finding African solutions to African problems.

Industrialized countries are providing the AU and its members with various kinds of support designed to help them meet their responsibility in this connection. In 2002, they adopted the G8 Africa Action Plan containing a whole range of assistance measures.

At the G8 summit in Heiligendamm during Germany’s G8 Presidency in 2007, they reaffirmed their commitment to the Action Plan and made additions in several areas. In 2006, the European countries also pledged EU assistance aimed at strengthening African capacities in the field of peace and security.

The Germany's Peace and Security in Africa programme

The German Government’s Peace and Security in Africa programme was launched in 2007 following Germany’s G8 Presidency with the aim of meeting its commitments in this connection. The programme is intended to build African capacities in the field of peace and security.

The overall goal is to enable Africa to prevent or successfully manage African crises, if necessary through the deployment of African peacekeepers. The hope is that this will reduce or entirely obviate the need for UN and EU intervention in such situations. The German government's intention in launching this programme was above all to help improve structures on the ground.

Under the Peace and Security in Africa programme the German Foreign Office funds both bilateral and multilateral assistance for Africa. The emphasis here is on addressing the causes of conflict. As part of its efforts to improve structures on the ground, the German Government supports projects such as police consultancy activities or training for AU personnel.

Since 2008, the programme has had an annual budget of between 25 and 30 million Euro.

Support for the African Peace and Security Architecture

  • Strengthening the strategic management capacity of the Department of Peace an Security of the African Union (AU)
  • Assisting the AU in the area of police capacity-building
  • Assisting the AU in implementing its Border Programme
  • Pre-deployment courses for police officers serving with peace missions

Support for police work in Africa

  • Promoting cross-border police cooperation
  • Supporting police capacity-building in collaboration with the police components of UN missions in post-conflict countries

Addressing the causes of conflict

  • Support for the AU's Border Programme
  • Support for UN and AU mediation efforts


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