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Germany is one of the countries with the highest media density and the greatest press diversity in the world. Find out more about Germany's media landscape.

Hundreds of daily newspapers, thousands of magazines and millions of active Internet users guarantee an exceptional diversity of opinion. The relationships between the individual “voices” of the different media are changing in the age of Web 2.0: whether print, television, radio, Internet, social media, books or film, the media future will be played in an orchestra.

Despite the digital competition, the editors-in-chief and publishers of the 350 German daily newspapers reach millions of readers every day – these papers have a coverage of approximately 71.4%. The dailies are also unequalled when it comes to defining the topics of public political debate. Nevertheless, more and more media companies are becoming active across a variety of media, are developing their own Web platforms or news portals. The Hamburg-based Spiegel Group is just one example. It not only publishes Der Spiegel, one of Germany’s most important political magazines, but also offers one of the most successful German news websites at www.spiegel.de. Social networks are undergoing an exciting development in Germany. A total of 15 million people use the services of the VZ Group. Offering portals for different target groups, for example, StudiVZ for university students and SchülerVZ for school students, it is the market leader in Germany – and still part of the traditional media world, since the VZ networks belong to the Holtzbrinck publishing group.

More information on the diversity of Germany's media landscape can be retrieved from the media link lists below.

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