Opportunity Card (“Chancenkarte”)

05.06.2024 - Article

Here you will find more information regarding job search opportunity card (“Chancenkarte”)

The opportunity card (“Chancenkarte”) is a new legal basis in the German Residence Act, effective from June 1, 2024, which enables controlled access to job searching in Germany. Additionally, it allows for the search for measures to recognize foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

Please understand that the necessary system adjustments for applying for an opportunity card visa will take some time, and therefore, no appointments for this new type of visa can be booked yet.

We will inform you here as soon as appointment booking is possible. Please refrain from inquiries, as they cannot be answered at this time.

General information about the opportunity card, such as the necessary requirements for application, can already be found on the website Make-it-in-Germany.

The “Self-Check” available there offers the possibility of obtaining non-binding information on whether your application for an Opportunity Card visa might be successful.

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