Franco-German Friendship Treaty 2018

Award winners and the Ambassadors of France and Germany

Award winners and the Ambassadors of France and Germany, © German Embassy Kampala

23.01.2018 - Article

Peace & Reconciliation Award Ceremony and a Reception

To commemorate the signing of the Élysée Treaty 55 years ago on 22nd January 1963, Mrs. Stéphanie Rivoal, Ambassador of France to Uganda, and Dr. Albrecht Conze, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Uganda, hosted a Peace & Reconciliation Award Ceremony and a Reception at the German Residence on Monday, 22nd January 2018.

The treaty signed by President Charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer sealed the reconciliation between France and Germany for the benefit of a long and lasting era of peace and friendship between the two countries.
In their speeches the Ambassadors referred to the long history of relation between the two countries, once defined by hatred and war, which is nowadays characterized by cooperation, joint efforts, partnership and friendship.

The German Ambassador, Dr. Albrecht Conze, emphasized how important it is that France and Germany stand together at this time to set an example for the Europeans and a united Europe. He stated further that “Uganda, despite all her important steps towards modernization, towards a better life for her citizens, needs to be able to count on Europe. Not merely in development in the classical sense, that would be too narrow a perspective. But in full partnership between grown-up players, which, on the European side, come in two different shapes: as individual nations – France, Germany and all the others will, after all, continue to exist – and as the European Union, representing the one and only continent Africa enjoys a special relation with.”

The French Ambassador, Stéphanie Rivoal, called the Elysée Treaty, “a Treaty of Friendship” and continued further, that the friendship between Germany and France “(…) is naturally extended to Uganda for the purpose of sharing, enjoying, supporting each other for a better future.”
The reconciliation of Germany and France, she said, “(…) marks the beginning of another long journey, initiated by the newly independent African countries: the rise of the sovereign Africa, aspiring with the same strength and spirt to unity and peace.”

In order to encourage reconciliation and fruitful cooperation in Uganda, both Embassies jointly presented a Peace and Reconciliation Award.
This year’s’ award winners were 6 members of the Legal Aid Office in Moroto, a programme established by the Uganda Law Society. The three Pro-bono lawyers: Acam Bruna Patricia, Acom Mary Patricia and Opolot Saddock trained three Paralegals: Ojamuge George, Siama Kalsum and Sagal Joseph. Together they promote equality in access to justice and improve delivery and standard of legal services in the Karamoja region for those people who have limited access to justice as they cannot pursue the same due to the high related costs.

To honor their work in providing legal assistance to indigent and vulnerable people of Karamoja in order to develop a society in which all human rights are respected, promoted and defended, they have been awarded with the Peace & Reconciliation Award.
After the official part the live band Magic Hornz entertained the guests for the rest of the evening.

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